Introduced in 1995, the original Vexed Generation shoulder bag was a response to the rising number of bag thefts in the UK - secured close to the body, thieves are unable to run off with it, and the slash-proof material prevented their other preferred method of cutting the strap. The innovative design spurred a string of copycats, from cheaper competitors like Badge Sales (who lost a lawsuit for copying the design), to high-end brands like Prada. Among the sea of imitators, only one brand was scrupulous enough to license the design: YakPak.

From the early 2000s, the Vexed Generation x YakPak shoulder bag is constructed from a robust, antitheft material. The square main pocket was designed for DJs to transport their records, while a large interior pocket was intended for the second most import thing in any DJ's life - a carton of cigarettes. The velcro-closure strap has a velcro pocket to fit a dumb phone, and a hidden slip pocket for cards and the like.

In very good condition, there's some minor wear to the front of the bag.

Vexed Generation x Yak Pak Blue Record Bag


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